At the beginning of the year Facebook bought Whatsapp for 19 billion dollars. 19 billion dollars! This is 13 times Facebook’s net income for the year 2013 and 18 billion more than what Facebook bought Instagram for. That is insane! So, what does this mean for Whatsapp and why did Facebook make this purchase?

facebook whatsapp

Facebook was founded in 2004 and hit 500 million users in 2010. That’s six years for those of us who have to use our fingers to count. Whatsapp was founded in 2009 and hit 500 million users in 2014. One, two, three, four… four… five! Yes, five years. That’s faster than Facebook did it and they are expected to hit 1 billion active users just like Facebook did. There are a few reasons Facebook wanted to get their hands on Whatsapp and a few good things that can come out of it for Whatsapp.

One major reason Facebook wanted its hands on this messaging app was relevancy. Facebook has seen some drops in certain areas as they continue to try and stay the leaders of social media. Facebooks own messenger app was not a big hit and quite a few users baulked at having to use an outside application for their Facebook messages. Whatsapp has a much better, streamline messaging app that Facebook could use to help keep themselves relevant in the ever-changing world of social media and technology.

Since Whatsapp has been founded it has followed a few, but very strict, rules to keep its user experience the best. It offers, “No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks” to its users and has stayed true to this mantra. Whatsapp doesn’t require users to create an account or use an existing account to start using the messaging app. All a user has to do is verify their phone number and their in. It doesn’t store any personal information or text messages and Whatsapp says that becoming a part of Facebook isn’t going to change that. Facebook assures that it will remain ad free and won’t compromise the principals already in place.

Whatsapp has become a very popular, viral even, app and the company hasn’t spent a single cent toward marketing. In fact, they don’t even have a PR/marketing position on their team of employees. Whatsapp has spread via user reviews and word of mouth because they offer an outstanding product that focuses on the user and not the business of the application. Facebook stands to benefit from the Whatsapp users and reviews as it strives to help Whatsapp become more than it is. Zuckerberg, from Facebook, states that like Instagram, which flourished under Facebook, Whatsapp and Facebook go hand in hand and we can expect to see good things come from this. There are going to be mixed feelings from previous users and new users as Facebook and Whatsapp start taking this advancement to the next level but if Whatsapp and Facebook sticks to its guns we can expect to see Whatsapp reach its 1 billion users, maybe even faster than Facebook.


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Looking to find an easier and more fun way to communicate with your friends and loved ones? Well we have an App that can do just that. Our Whatsapp, really allows you to let everyone know just exactly what’s up! And the best thing about it is that you don’t need to have a text messaging plan, or phone plan to use it at all! No, all you need is a good internet connection, and you’re good to share your experiences with every last person you know.

whatsapp free

Who could ask for more?
Using your normal messenger to interact and send pictures can be filled with lag, and miscommunications, because sometimes you can be interacting with someone with a completely different brand of phone than yours, and that can prove to be a hassle that no one is interested in having. So why bother with it? Whatsapp has created a much simpler way for you to not only send photos and messages to any device, but it also allows you to send videos to any device as well. No more having to deal with Iphone users or android users making fun of one another because they don’t have the other device, no! With Whatsapp there’s no competition between brands because all brands can use and enjoy this App.
Paying for phone service can also be a hassle sometimes, and some months you may just find the other bills you have are more important, but luckily if you have an internet connection, you can use the Whatsapp for free! So you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything, or your family not being able to get a hold of you, no! You’ll have a form of communication ready and usable right when you need it to be, so you won’t ever have to worry.
Another excellent thing about the Whatsapp that was briefly mentioned before is that it can send videos! Yes, through it you can send videos to anyone, and the videos can be of much better quality than the videos you would normally send through your average communication application. And don’t you hate how you have an amazing video that your dying to share with a loved one but can’t because your messenger won’t allow you to send a video of such high quality and big size? Why deal with that frustration anymore? The Whatsapp is here to make your life easier, and allow you to avoid dealing with that sort of frustration.
So why not  download the Whatsapp for your phone today? It’s a good way to ensure you’ll always have a form of communication, and if you’re ready to completely switch from normal messaging, then it’s a better quality messenger that works great on any type of device. Plus it’s a completely free App! There really is no reason why you shouldn’t have this App on your phone right now, so download it today and open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. Download Whatsapp today!

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When you have an Ipad or Iphone you will want to download whatsapp so that you can cross message people on other devices. Downloading whatsapp is a free download for devices to allow people to talk to you through texting on different devices with out having to pick up a phone or pay for an app that may never work.

 Best App WhatsApp

When you download whatsapp you will be able to cross message on Apple, Android, the Black Berry, Windows phone and even the Nokia, meaning you will be able to message anyone of these phones while using the whatsapp free app.

The whatsapp free app uses the same internet data plan that is used for web browsing and emailing there is no cost for the app or no charges for you to use the app. All you will need is a data plan on your phone and then begin using the Whatsapp plan.

Not only will you be able to do basic messaging but you will also be able to create groups, send your friends unlimited videos as well as pictures and even send audio messages.

This app was founded in two thousand and nine by US citizens who were previously employed by Yahoo and their new company is based in California. Since opening in two thousand and nine they currently employ fifty five people. It was founded so that people who have different cell phone carriers and different types of smart phones could easily talk to their friends, family, coworkers and clients with out having to pay for extra items on the phone. This app they created is a huge success that it currently has over six hundred million active users.

The best part of this app is that it is free and it allows many different phone users to use this one app to talk to people who use different types of phones than they do. There is no other app you need when it comes to talking to your friends and family simply down load this amazing messaging app today.

You will be satisfied and very pleased with the app because it works wonderfully and there are no current risk to your phone when use the app. There are no viruses that you will transfer from phone to phone and there is no reason why you should not give our free app a try today with no cost to you.

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WhatsApp is a messaging iphone app which allows user’s text; speak, in addition to talk about media, such as speech messages in addition to movie, with men and women or maybe organizations.

whatsapp ios7
WhatsApp relies upon files to help send out messages, similar to iMessage or maybe BBM, so it won’t slice in ones monthly text allotment. As opposed to making use of your cell phone circle to help send out Text messages to your acquaintances, this makes use of the net to connect one to everyone as their phone number is documented within your phone’s target eBook. You need to use WhatsApp for texting, multimedia systems messages, and speech messages in addition to party shows.

Soon after mounted the particular WhatsApp Messenger request, the particular iphone app scans ones telephone for all the non published numbers of this acquaintances in addition to assessments the particular amounts versus their massive data bank. A person can’t increase or maybe get rid of acquaintances hand; WhatsApp sets with your phones call listing in addition to identify all their end users by means of non published numbers.

WhatsApp doesn’t use standard cell phone networks to help send out SMS messages concerning anyone along with your acquaintances. Whereas ones telephone can send out SMS on a single airwaves which you help make speech cell phone calls, WhatsApp makes use of 3G, 4G, LTE or maybe Wi-Fi Online connections to help send out messages.

With a cellular telephone, you need an energetic 3G or maybe 4G connections to send out pics, sound recording or maybe movie with the phone’s messaging program. Together with WhatsApp, you possibly can usually send out multimedia systems messages for the reason that request is actually associated with the net. WhatsApp integrates with your phone’s image gallery in addition to digital camera way too, helping you to select pics to help send out to your acquaintances as well as to record a photo.

WhatsApp Messenger integrates with your telephone in a lot more techniques compared to by means of snagging ones acquaintances along with your pics. A person don’t need to register or maybe outside the system to help gain access to WhatsApp.

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Whatsapp has certainly taken the world by storm in recent years. The immense popularity of this software – used daily by about 320 million people and by 450 million users on a monthly basis – has certainly delivered a new means for two people to come closer to each in the day and age of moving farther apart through space and time. Let us analyse the “what”, “how” and “why” of Whatsapp – the reasons behind its immense success and popularity.

features WhatsApp

Whatsapp is available for download on every smartphone available today – this makes it a universal instant messaging service available at only a nominal fee. It is now present in all Android, Blackberry OS, Apple iOS, Nokia, Symbian and Windows phones available today. This service has transcended the existence of space between two people – a person in India can easily get in touch with his/her friend, family or loved one somewhere in Alaska or wherever one may obtain a stable internet connection accessible on their phones. This is a tremendous feature and one of the reasons which propelled Whatsapp to the limelight. Whatsapp has had the same impact on SMS that Skype has had on international calls, as claimed by the Financial Times.

As of August 2012, Whatsapp has claimed to have handled 10 billion messages per day, growing in amount over the past year. This is a staggering number of messages by any account – no other proprietary software can claim to handle such traffic over such a short span of time. The popularity of sending messages to one another has ultimately grown to various other additions in recent times. Now, along with messages, there are smileys which can be sent to the other person, making it seem very like any other messenger service available on the internet for a computer. This transcendence has also led to the addition of services to enable the sharing of pictures, videos, others files available on the phone, among others. This certainly shows the building up and growth of this messaging service as time has gone by.

On February 19th 2014, Whatsapp joined in a partnership with Facebook which resulted in the entire staff of 55 people at Whatsapp transferring to Facebook in order to continue their excellent work on this service. The immense price tag for a service which has existed for a relatively short period of time in this world attests to the fact that greater things are to come – Jan Koum and Brian Acton have assured the public of no changes to the operation of Whatsapp as of today, but hold hope that their joint venture with Facebook will lead to the development of an even better, vastly connected and personal software that enables a superior connectivity to people all over the world. The brilliant minds at Facebook and Whatsapp which have joined together to help take this venture a step further certainly holds a lot of promise for the future. Here’s to better features enabling better connectivity through Whatsapp!

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The new era of internet technology has made everyone tech savvy and hungry for more applications for all kinds of operating systems for devices. The dotcom revolution not only motivated people to start using the cloud for business purposes but even encouraged businessmen to think differently and use the cloud for marketing and publicity for costs much lower than usual. Companies now engage in social media engagement techniques to increase the web traffic. Not only have existing businesses expanded but there were many newcomers that are now considered world’s biggest and most revolutionising firms. Facebook has changed the way people, particularly old friends keep in touch whereas Twitter has changed the way celebrities keep their fans gossiping about them.


 Another important application that hit the cloud few years ago changed the way people use telecommunication services. To keep in touch with loved ones, people used SMS and MMS services of networks which cost people dearly. However, WhatsApp came to the rescue that changed the instant messaging scene of the cloud world. With free unlimited messages that cost nothing but less than a mega byte from the user’s data packs. Also, when somebody first downloads and installs the application on the phone, WhatsApp Inc. does not charge the user at all. And after a year of service, continuation charges are only up to a dollar per year. This humongous reduction in costs have made more and more people use the service and today WhatsApp has over billions of users and every day the company is upgrading their services to achieve their goal of unlimited end-to-end communication between different people across the world. Recently, WhatsApp even upgraded their service to voice chatting which enables users to exchange voice messages over the phone. This application is compatible with almost every operating system present out there, with Android, iOS, RIM and Windows being the most used ones. An icing on the cake is the ability of this application to exchange pictures, videos or contacts over the normal chat interface itself. There is no word limit and people can send as long messages they want without worrying about the word limit like in SMS services. The only requirement for people is to own a smartphone with a 2G or 3G connection that support internet services on the move.

 Very few applications have become as successful as WhatsApp but one thing that has made the success story of this application is the vision of the founders Jam Koum and Brian Acton to enable unlimited free communication to users without the hassle of advertisements popping up again and again. Also, the fact that no account needs to be created while initiating the app is also something that attracted so many users. It is one of the first of its kind to offer real time messaging over international borders without any hidden costs and it works on any modern smartphone device. It also provides high security by encrypting messages using open source chat protocol XMPP.

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When Jan Koum and Brian Acton agreed to sell Whatsapp to Facebook for $19 billion, it instantly propelled them into the limelight. Every one of the 450 million users of Whatsapp had questions: What did this mean for Whatsapp? Would there be any drastic changes to the features of the app? How would this merger impact the users? Would there be any price charged for the service?… all these among a multitude of others.

facebook whatsapp

However, any and all concerns of the Whatsapp-using public were allayed when Facebook and Whatsapp made their statements regarding the coming together of their forces. Facebook made it clear that every one of the 50 employees at Whatsapp will join Facebook as they had established themselves by running one of the most used products anywhere in the world. Mark Zuckerberg has invited Jan Koum to sit on the board of Facebook and partner with Zuckerberg to shape the futures of both of their companies. They both share the same vision of making the world more open and connected and this is exactly what makes their partnership a match made in heaven for the users spread all over the world who want to come closer to each other and feel a sense of connection.

This partnership, in Koum’s opinion, will allow himself, Acton and the others at Whatsapp to be able to focus more on developing a faster, more affordable communications service with more weight lent to making it more personal. The service will be charged at a nominal fee as it always has been, and no ads will disrupt the exchanges between two people Whatsapp-ing each other. Whatsapp will continue to be available no matter what smartphone one is using anywhere in the world. These key necessities for all the users of Whatsapp have not been compromised with while talking terms when it came to the partnership.

Additionally, as Whatsapp will remain autonomous and operate independent of Facebook, it will ensure that the public will not be faced with any worries whatsoever. None of the core principles which were important to Koum and the company were displaced in the coming together of this partnership.  The team has always been of the strong opinion and principle that cost and distance should never come between two people from different corners of the world connecting with each other. Family, friends and loved ones can now continue to enjoy the various services such as instant text messaging, as well as sharing videos, music and other files with each other.

It is clear that Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging services of all times – it has 450 million monthly users as well as 320 million users active on Whatsapp daily. These are staggering figures which certainly attest to how much people have come to love this service in such a short span of time. And all of these people can now certainly breathe easy after this reassuring announcement from the creators of Whatsapp and look forward to what this partnership holds in store for the future.

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The Whatsapp revolution. In today’s world, to stay in touch with your loved ones is becoming important day by day and thanks to various kinds of technological advancements which are making it possible. People now have various better and improved methods for communicating with other people. Earlier people use to send MMS or SMS to their loved ones who are far from them and which use to cost lot of money to them. But, one app known as WhatsApp has made it possible to send unlimited free messages to all the people who are far from you.

The Whatsapp revolution

This particular app permits cross-platform association and is completely compatible with Windows Phone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Apple and Android phones. If you are new to this app then you must know that you can download WhatsApp application from its official site and browse the downloading page to select the app in accordance with your operating system. You can get WhatsApp for iphone as well as WhatsApp for android phones. After downloading the app you just have to install it and start using it immediately. It automatically scans the various contacts available on your phone and gives you full information about which contact is using WhatsApp. It not only allows you unlimited free messaging but also enables you to send pictures, audio and video clips to your friends.

So, now no more day to day spending of money on MMS or SMS is gone because you have WhatsApp. But it is mandatory to have an internet connection in your mobile be it 3G or Wi-Fi connection because without that it will not function. Well, you can use this app for absolutely free for the initial year but after that you will have to spend $0.99 for its usage on continuous basis. This is perfectly in your budget because it is much more economical compared to your annual charges for sending MMS and SMS. At the same time, there is no word limit or it has infinite word count contrasting from the regular SMS which has a limit of characters which can be used.

For the first time, when this WhatsApp was first introduced to the people, many were very happy to able to use it as it gave them an ultimate experience of free messaging with instant service. It not only made the communicating with other people much easier with an easy installation process. This particular app is going to make a lot of positive impact on messaging service in coming future because lot of new updates are coming regularly in it. At the same time, various additional features are also getting added into it. In coming future, the voice messaging function is going to improve and will surely change the way people send messages to their relatives and friends. So, it can be treated as the most reliable app for sending audio, pictures and video files to your buddies or colleagues with any kind of hassle.

So, download WhatsApp and enjoy the new world of instant and free unlimited messaging service at your doorstep.

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Whatsapp, unlimited free text messaging

Are you spending lot of money on sending text messages then time has come to stop this unnecessary expense. In today’s world, various types of app are available which give unlimited free text messaging all across the globe. At the same time, these application supports all the types of operating system present in a Smartphone and one such great app is WhatsApp and it is recommended to all the users who spend lot of time and money in text messaging.

whatsapp free messaging

First of all people who are unaware of WhatsApp must know that it is a platform which allows the user to send instant messaging same as SMS but without spending any money. But, for using this app the user must have a phone which allows accessing internet because without internet this app will not work. This app runs smoothly on 3G as well as Wi-Fi and supports all the operating systems like BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Apple phones. It also contains various exclusive features like changing the background while chatting with another user or to send information about your location through Google Maps. Along with text messaging, it also allows you to send audio as well as video clips and images to the contacts that are using this particular application.

Talking about its functionality, it works same as other apps like iMessage from Apple or Messenger from BlackBerry and this app notifies the user when he receives the message. It is very easy to download Whatsapp for iPhone as well as WhatsApp for android. You can visit the website and browse further to the downloading page. In the page it has various options like WhatsApp for android and many more and you just have to click the link which says download for android and install it in your phone.

So, those days are gone when you had to pay for sending MMS or SMS to your friends or family members and this has been made possible by WhatsApp. It is true that various other apps like Zalo, WeChat, KaKaotalk and Line. But due to various unique features this particular app is much superior to others. The main feature being the new versions of this application which are still getting updated according to the operating system and we can expect a better voice messaging option in it in the near future. So, if you start using this app then you are going to save lot money and can experience totally a new world of instant messaging. As, this app allows you to share files with your friends which means you can send audio, pictures and video files.

This particular app works on a chat protocol called as XMPP and it is a open source protocol similar to other used by iMessage and BlackBerry messenger. So, no need to worry about the hackers because your message are encrypted and is not possible by others to read them. Therefore, it can be said that time has come to use this wonderful app to be in touch with your family members and friends in any point of time.

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